Deciding to study abroad can be exciting but the range of choices available can make the overall process extremely intimidating and overwhelming.

Let me ask you a few questions to test if you need an education counsellor:
1. Have you decided your study abroad destination or contemplating with choices available?
2. Have you decided which university/college you are planning to study in?
3. Are you ready to study abroad?

If you don’t have answers to these questions and need some direction and clarity, our study abroad counsellors, the experts in this field can come in to save the day.
Check out few reasons why you need an education counsellor:
1. Can help in financial planning, budgeting and walking through scholarship opportunities: Studying abroad can be an expensive investment and you definitely want to manage and budget your finances well while also explore other payment options. Our education counsellors can give you information on living and study expenses, assist you with tools on budgeting, guide you with study loans and other interval payment methods. Not only that, our education counselor have connections with universities and colleges to assist you with a variety of scholarship options as well.

2. Connections with Universities and colleges across the World: Universities receive thousands of applications from students every day. Sometimes your application on can get overlooked and other times looked upon less favorably in comparison to the fierce competition from the pool of applications. Going through an education counsellor increases your chances of getting admission in your dream college or universities. This is because education counsellors have ties and positive relations with universities and colleges, making it easier to land in your preferred institution.

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3. Knowledge and expertise in exploring multiple pathways: What If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria set by the University of your choice? Education counsellors can broaden your choices by giving you information about other universities and colleges that closely relate to the course of your interest. They can also advise you on other ways to strengthen your application like writing a bang on statement of purpose, genuine temporary entrant etc. You just need to give your documents and details and they will apply to multiple universities for you.

4. Support with Application filing: Universities around the world like the US, UK, Canada and Australia have different types of application processes. Infact, even individual universities in the same country make you jump through many hoops before finally letting you submit your application. With an education counsellor by your side, all you have to do is give the details and let them do the application filing. Fret not! Education counsellors will not manipulate your information as they generally ask you to review the application before hitting the submit button.
5. Tracking your application: Am I going to get accepted? Will they reject me? Why is it taking so much time? These are the few things that will haunt you few days after submitting your application. What’s worse is, most universities do not have an application status tracking page on their website. So, you are left with staying glued to your inbox till you hear a response from them. Remember the strong ties with top universities? With a strong network of connections, education counsellors generally contact universities to follow up on the status of your application.

6. Guidance in adapting/adjusting to a new culture and environment: The help and support does not end after you get admission and successfully enrolled in the course of your choice. Education counsellors can give you quick tips and tricks on making friends, studying, settling in or even applying for part time jobs, making it easier for you to adapt to the new environment.
There you have it! Studying abroad is definitely easier when you have an education counsellor with you. V4U Career Planner is a leading education consultancy firm with experienced counsellors that have consulted over a thousand students and still counting. Join hands with them and make your study abroad dreams come true. Get in touch with our team and start your study abroad journey with us.

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