Whether you are thinking about studying in Australia or you have finished your studies and want to study further, you will need to become familiar with Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). V4U Career Planner has put together this article to help you understand what is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) and how to write an effective and compelling Statement for Department of home affairs to grant the student visa.

Genuine Temporary Entrant is a requirement that applicants must necessarily fulfill to be eligible for the student visa for the length of their study in Australia.

The purpose of writing a GTE statement is two-fold:

To ensure applicants will not stay in Australia beyond their student visa expiry date.
To substantiate that students are coming to Australia temporarily to gain quality education and not for any other purposes other than study.

So, now that you know what GTE Statement is and its purpose, you may still be wondering: how do I write a successful Statement? Or you may have written one yet your student visa got rejected. Here are some top tips to increase your chances of getting the Australian student visa.

Be Honest and back information with genuine documentation

Present your case with utmost transparency and honesty as immigration officers can pick out if someone is giving unrealistic or giving false information. One of the best ways to verify your authenticity is by attaching certified copies of original documents. Always remember, the more documents you attach, the stronger your case will be in the eyes of the immigration officer. Supporting documents and genuine information will enhance your chances of getting a student visa application approval.

Explain your circumstances in your home country and country of residence:

The case officer wants to know that you have strong ties in your home country or country of residence to validate your case of returning home upon completion of your studies. Your personal ties can be family, employment, material possessions etc. Other factors that the immigration may take into consideration is the economic situation to evaluate whether you or your family has the financial capacity to fund your education for the entire duration of your study.

Explain why you chose the specific Education provider :

It is important that you do your research to justify to the immigration officer why you chose this University or college over other institutions offering similar courses. This will demonstrate that you have done your research and weighed all possible alternatives in deciding your education provider. Perhaps you can strengthen your case by saying that the education provider is ranked better than other institutions, courses are in line with what you want to study or because the course focuses on practical, hands-on learning unlike other theoretical counterparts.

Show that you have done research about the future value of your course

The case officer wants to see that you have done research into the industry or course you are interested in studying. You should be able to explain in your GTE statement about your course’s future career prospects, how it will benefit you in securing a job in this industry in your home country.  For example, if you are a passionate about cooking and looking to study Hospitality Management. You should be able to outline in your GTE how this course will benefit you in the future. Perhaps you could list your long-term plans like opening an Australian style restaurant in your home country to attract Australians in your home country?

Explain why you chose to Study in Australia compared to your home country

The case officer wants you to explain why did you chose Australia as your study destination if similar courses were offered in your home country or even other countries for that matter. If similar courses are available in your home country, outline how studying in Australia is different. Is the education system in two countries different? Is the course shorter, longer? Is the course you want to study only offered in Australia? Could be some of the reasons you could expand your explanation. Remember the more research you put in writing in your genuine temporary entrant the more convincing it will sound to the immigration officer.

Still have any questions or concerns or simply want a second pair of eyes to confirm to review your GTE? V4U Career Planner has specialized team that can assist you in writing/editing/proof reading your GTE which can increase your chances of getting your visa approved.

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