The onset of Covid 19 has significantly affected many international students and temporary visa holders residing in Australia. The impact has compounded for those who are geographically separated from their support networks and battling enormous financial and emotional stress. V4U Career Planner has put together this article to highlight support and welfare services available for international students or temporary visa holders with eligible working rights, impacted by the current lockdown in New South Wales.

Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment:

This Lum sum payment has come into effect since 1st July 2021 for all eligible people that can’t earn an income because they must self-isolate, quarantine if they are tested covid positive, have been in close contact with an infected person or provide care to someone with Covid-19 specifically children under 16 years. If you are eligible for this scheme, the Australian Government would pay you $1500 after 14 days for each period you are advised to self-isolate, quarantine or care or someone with the virus. To claim the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, Call the Information helpline at 180 22 66.
More information available on: https://rb.gy/fdd9n6

COVID-19 Disaster Payment:

This payment is now available for eligible people that currently live, work or have visited Commonwealth-declared hotspot areas in Sydney. If you are an Australian resident or hold an eligible working visa and have lost your job, you may be compensated up to $600 depending on your hours of work. To claim the COVID-19 Disaster payment, Call the Emergency Information line at 180 22 66 between Monday and Friday from 8 am to 5pm. More information available on: https://rb.gy/yvkjsz

Food Assistance:

The Australian government has partnered with Foodbank to provide free 15 kg worth of food hampers. If you are an international student struggling to make ends meet or experiencing difficulty in arranging for food, you can now order your food hamper by following these steps:

  1. Call Food Bank on (02) 9756 3099 or complete this Foodbank form for international students: https://rb.gy/cgqqll
  2. State that you are an international student and your suburb, then ask for the distribution point closest to you
  3. Have your student visa and student card with you when you collect the hamper

More information available on: https://rb.gy/t2ppop

Mental Health and Wellbeing support:

The impact of Covid 19 pandemic and NSW lockdown has impacted many people’s mental health leaving them to feel anxious, stressed and worried. In these incredibly challenging times, The Australian government has partnered with several organisations, services and resources to support your mental health and overall wellbeing. These services are available in a range of languages and have a tailored and personalized approach to support diverse communities. If you are seeking Free Mental Health Advise, check the list of organisations here: https://rb.gy/zhret3

COVID-19 Vaccination:

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring everyone in Australia will have FREE access to the vaccination regardless of Medicare or visa status including international students. Find out if you are eligible or when you can receive the COVID-19 vaccine on Covid 19 Vaccine Eligibility Checker: https://rb.gy/wtoqfr Alternatively, you can call the call the helpline on 1800 020 080.

FREE Legal Information and Advice:

Understanding your legal rights is a very important part of protecting yourself, especially during COVID-19. The Australian government has designed the MY Legal Mate App to provide instant access to confidential, free legal information and answers to commonly asked questions about laws in Australia. The advise Is free and available in a range of different languages and addresses pressing issues surrounding underpayment at work, accommodation issues, sexual assault etc. If you’re an international student in need of urgent legal advice, please call Redfern Legal Centre on 02 9698 7645 or visit https://rb.gy/81rkys

Eviction freeze for Tenants:

The Australian government has announced a short-term moratorium on evictions meaning if you are a tenant living in a rented property and impacted by the recent outbreak, you can’t be forced to leave the rental property between now until 11 September 2021. Read more here: https://rb.gy/x3imtz

International students in need of support and welfare can call the NSW Govt Emergency Helpline: 180 22 66 or visit https://rb.gy/aygfnj

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