International students that choose Australia as their study abroad destination must apply for a student visa to lawfully enter Australia. Once the student visa has been issued, they can legally enter and stay in the country till the expiry of the student visa.  Students must keep track of the visa and apply three months before the visa ends to avoid last-minute hassle or overstaying beyond the visa expiry. Typically, the length of the student visa is as long as the duration of the course however under special circumstances the visa could expire before the completion of the course. This could be due to a number of reasons like course deferment, reduced study load, failed subjects or enrolling in a new course. In other instances, international students who have completed one qualification and wish to study further need to renew or extend their student visas. Students can renew the visa as many times as they want as long as they are enrolled in a course approved by CRICOS.

What happens if a student stays in Australia after the Visa has been expired?

If a person remains in Australia after the visa has expired, they will be considered an unlawful non-citizen. An unlawful non-citizen can be detained and then deported from Australia and the Australian government can recover the associated costs from them. Furthermore, breaching visa conditions leaves a bad impression in the immigration records and database which could prevent the visa holder from entering Australia again or getting the visa for other countries. Thus, it is recommended to extend your student visa by applying for a bridging visa or a different class of visa depending upon the reasons for extending your stay in Australia. There is also an option to apply for Bridging Visa E if you have overstayed beyond the visa expiry. This bridging visa allows you to remain lawful while you make arrangements to leave the country, however, it must be applied immediately after the visa expiry.

V4U Career Planner urges you to not sit in silence if your visa has been ended and you are overstaying beyond the expiry date. Please come forward and discuss your options with our Registered migration agent and we can help you remain lawful in the country while keeping you in the good books of the immigration officials/officers/records.

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